Mission of Swayin & Associates

  1. To keep its clients satisfied.
  2. To keep its employees satisfied.
  3. To keep its partners satisfied.
  4. To understand the project requirements clearly.
  5. To clearly explain the resources that company will require executing the project.
  6. To consistently deliver projects those meet the requirements with the highest quality, on time and on budget.
  7. To continuously improve productivity and efficiency on all projects.
  8. To adapt to and incorporate change.
  9. To achieve a leadership and dominant role worldwide in the areas of its operation.
  10. To identify new areas of operation that could lead to revenues and profits for our company.
  11. To be profitable.
  12. To grow consistently.
  13. To engage in healthy competition.
  14. To be an instrument of change for greater common good.

A happy and satisfied client, employee or partner will trust us and work with us in the future and over the long term—trust is the supreme relation and cannot be measured in material terms. 

That is the fundamental mission of SWAYIN & ASSOCIATES - To be a trusted employer, partner and vendor. 

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