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GeoTech Description:

Drilling and Boring Of Soil And Rock

  • Drilling using calyx rig, rock drilling equipment and Mud drilling equipment from diameter diameter 100mm to 200mm up to depth of 60 m .

Core Drilling Of Rock

  • Drilling of hard rocks using Hydraulic core drilling machine from dia 100 mm to 200 mm to a depth of 60m

Marine Boring

  • Sea bed drilling using marine crafts and Hydraulic boring machine up to a depth of 60m in the water depth of 30 mm and beyond in Sea Bed.
 Laboratory Testing

     Soil Testing

  • Moister Content Percentage
  • Specific Gravity of Soil sample.
  • Bulk density, dry density, relative density, void ratio, porosity of soil.
  • Liquid limit, plastic limit, plastic index, consistency limit, flow index, though ness index and shrinkage limit of soil samples.
  • Grain size analysis.

    a. Sieve methods both, dry sieve and wet sieve

    b. Hydrometer analysis for micro particlest Worth

    c. Pipet method for very micro particles


  • Permeability Test.
  • Consolidation Test (Mv, Cc, Cv)
  • Direct shear test (for sandy soils)
  • Triaxial compression test with pore water pressure/without pore water pressure

    a. Pressure unconsolidation test.

    b. Pressure undrained test.

    c. Consolidation undrained test.

    d. Consolidation drained test.         

    e. Unconfined compressive strength

Chemical Testing For Soil Samples
Soil Testing
  • Exchange Capacity of Soil (ECS)
  • Silica Sequence oxide ratio.
  • Total Soluble solids
  • Total dissolve solid.
  • Carbonate, Bicarbonate and Calcium carbonate.
  • Ph-Value of Hydrogen Ions.
  • Organic matter, organic carbon
  • Chloride.
  • Salinity.
  • Chlornity.
  • Total Soluble Sulphate.
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Nitrate.
  • Soil micro Biological Test                                                                   

    a.Plate count methods. .

    b. Filter membrane Millipore counts T.C.Y.C. and Coli

    c. Nitrogen         

    d. Ammonium others Harm full salt as per order of party.

 Rock Testing Of Core Cables

  • Specific gravity.
  • Point load test.
  • Unconfined compressive strengenth
  • Unit weight of rock.
  • Apparent porosity.
  • Water absorption test.
  • Hardness test.
  • Organic matter.
  • Shake durability test.  
  •  Moister content (%).
  • Bicarbonate.  
  • Tensile testing.
  • Resistivity of core strata.
  •  Perculation test of core sample.
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion of rock.
  • Modules of elasticity of core.
  •  Water Test

  • Color
  • Odour
  • Taste test PH value
  • Taste test 
  • Sulfate (So3)
  • Sulphite (Sou)
  • Nitrate
  • Organic matter.
  • Salinity.
  • Carbonate.
  • Bicarbonate.
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Calcium.
  • Magnesium.
  • Total volatile solid Acidity.
  • Ammonical nitrogen.
  • Free ammonia.
  • Arsenic. Boron.
  • Bromide.
  • Analysis Of Test Result And Recommendation Of Foundation System
  • Design of foundation of structures
  • Foundation of Bridges structures
  • Earthquake resistant structure.
  • Analysis and design of machine foundation
  • Offshore structures like harbors etc.
  • Preparation Report
    Analysis of field & Laboratory Test Results and recommendation of foundation system are submitted to our clients in a form of Report which would guide further.
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